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Ideas & Sizes for Brian, Alison and Cole



Brian - Interests: Pokemon and World of Warcraft Trading Cards; reading; drawing; lettering; Bakugan

Brian - Sizes: 10-12 in pants; 12 in shirts; 3.5 in shoes

Alison - Interests: Reading; drawing; writing; cheerleading; jewelry making/beading; crafts

Alison - Sizes: 10 in pants; 10 in shirts; 3 in shoes

Cole - Interests: Puzzles; Wiggles; Bob the Builder; Thomas the Tank Engine; drumming/musical instruments; toy cars and trains; Nick Jr. shows/games; drawing; writing; (whatever Brian and Alison are doing)

Cole - Sizes: 3T-4T; toddler 8 in shoes



Last Updated: 23 Apr 10