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Brian Jacob Dugger

What is transpiring in his life:


2/26/10 - Performed with the band in the UIL competition - 2nd and 3rd place in categories

12/18/09 - End of first semester

8/23/09 - Began Jr. High. Symphonic Band, Cross Country, Future City, Science Club

8/1/09 - Began summer Cross Country practice with High School and Jr. High School

6/5/09 - End of 6th grade and Intermediate school.

8/25/08 - Began 6th grade. Class changing is a little different this year.

8/22/08 - Turned 11 years old.

6/5/08 - Ended the school year on A/B honor roll. Tried out for and made Band. Enrolled in the Pre-AP classes

1/5/08 - Re-enrolled in Gifted and Talented classes

9/18/07 - First progress report - All A's

8/27/07 - Began 5th grade. He switches classes now and enjoys it a lot

8/23/07 - Got his teeth fixed - he has a beautiful smile

8/21/07 - Turned 10 years old

8/9/07 - Registered for 5th grade

8/5/07 - Went to QuakeCon and walked around, saw an awesome computer that was made to look like Optimus Prime

7/4/07 - Saw firewords (bought from a firework stand) for the first time

6/8/07 - He can eat with his front teeth now. August will be reconstruction time.

5/31/07 - School ended and he is going into 5th grade. Ended the year with perfect attendance and on the A/B Honor Roll

4/8/07 - Had a good, if not soggy, Easter indoors

3/26/07 - Parent/Teacher conference - doing good work

3/19/07 - 3/23/07 - Spring Break - Did a "face plant" after jumping off a bike ramp with his scooter.

2/14/07 - Showed off his baby brother at his Valentine Party

1/19/07 - Received the Shining Star award, perfect attendance and A/B honor roll

12/25/06 - Spent Christmas in Oklahoma. Bottle fed a baby goat

12/14/06 - Saw Santa come down our road on a fire truck, and proceded to chase him

12/9/06 - Helped put up Christmas tree

11/23/06 - Spent the morning at the hospital and brining Mommy and Cole home. Then ate a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch prepared by Daddy.

11/20/06 - Became a big brother again

11/8/06 - Went on a field trip with the 4th graders to Old City Park

9/24/06 - Toured the maternity ward at the hospital for the sibling tour, preparing for the baby

8/22/06 - Turned 9 years old! Went to Gatti Town with Dad, Mom and Alison. He had a lot of fun. He received gifts of money from Aunt Cleo and Grandma, and a Muichix from Dad and Mom and Alison

8/16/06 - Began Fourth Grade

7/26/06 - Well child checkup - Weight 7 percentile - Height 20 percentile

7/6/06 - 7/9/06 - Brain helped Katie at Summer CPL Championships

6/1/06 - Brian began Summer Vacation

4/10/06 - Brian finds out he is going to be a big brother again

3/06 - Brian has straight A's in school

3/16/06 - Brian has perfect dentist check up

1/06 - Brian has straight A's in school

12/13/05 - Brian went on a field-trip with the 3rd grade class to the IMAX theater.

8/26/05 - Brian started doing jumping tricks on his scooter.

8/22/05 - Brian turned 8 years old and started 3rd grade. He is truly becoming a "little man".

8/18/05 - Brian met his 3rd grade teacher - Mrs. Maes. He seemed comfortable with her.

7/6/05 - 7/13/05 - Brian went with the family to California to visit his Grandma and to see Katie's family. He and his cousins, Jeremy and Ryan, got along very well. Brian learned to swim while there.

2/1/05 - 6/3/05 - Brian completed 2nd grade with an overall A/B average. He went on many field trips with his Gifted and Talented class.

1/31/05 - Brian gave his first biography presentation - it was on Neil Armstrong

1/20/05 - Brian received an award for the A Honor Roll for the 2nd nine weeks at Hackberry

12/24/04 - Brian's two front teeth are deciding to appear

12/17/04 - Brian's class carrolled through the halls at Hackberry Elementary

10/27/04 - Brian received a Perfect Attendance award and the A/B Honor Roll award at Hackberry for the first 9 weeks

8/19/04 - Brian started 2nd Grade - Mrs. Thornton as his teacher

6/3/04 - 8/18/04 - Brian attended Summer Camp at Animal Quackers and had a wonderful time.




Last Updated: 23 Apr 10