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What is transpiring in his life:


(Please forgive Mommy and Daddy, I've kept them rather busy over the past few months so this is Mommy playing catch up on my updates)

12/15/09 - 4/23/10 - Cole has completed the potty training phase of his toddlerhood and is definitely proud of himself. He is talking more and more every day, and puts ideas together that shock Kat because she does not expect them from a 3-year-old child. He had a great Christmast and New Year with family.

8/26/08 - 12/15/09 - Cole had a wonderful 2nd and 3rd Thanksgiving and a great 3rd Christmas. He has grown and kept Keith and Kathleen on their toes. He started talking non-stop after a trip to California in Spring 09. He also has some amazing idea concepts that he sputters out that really shock Kathleen every now and again. He has become a big fan of cars, trains, musical instruments, the Wii and WoW (go figure). He even has his own little character in WoW! He had a great 3rd birthday as well. It was celebrated with Brian, Alison, Keith and Kathleen at their house. He had a Thomas the Tank Engine cupcake...cake. It was very good. He has also conquered most of the potty training milestone, except "big potty". For some reason, doing that on the toilet scares him. Now, he is greatly excited about Christmas, Santa and going to "homahoma".

11/22/07 - 8/25/08 - Cole celebrated his second Christmas and enjoyed it quite a bit. He now has all his baby teeth, and the eye teeth came in with a vengence. He drinks from big boy cups and refuses to take a sippy cup or straw most of the time. He has peed in his training toilet, on his own accord and makes sure he washes his hands after. He brushes his teeth every morning with his siblings or with daddy. He climbs up and down the stairs, in and out of kitchen chairs and his highchair. He locks doors and can open them a lot of the times. He helps fold laundry, put it away, and put it in the dryer. He unloads the dishwasher (even if the dishes are dirty), and helps sweep the kitchen floor. He thinks he is about 5 years old. He says "hot", "ali", "bubba", "dada", and "shoo" for his stinky diapers. Keith and Kathleen are just waiting for the paragraphs or stories to form. Maybe now that the two eldest are in school and not talking for him, he will surprise us all.

11/22/07 - Second Thanksgiving. Had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Also I tasted and loved lemon maringue pie

11/20/07 - Turned 1, started drinking whole milk, walking all over the house

11/11/07 - Walked 10+ steps

11/9/07 - Walked 8 steps at a time

11/5/07 - Took first step

10/31/07 - First Halloween

10/17/07 - Four more teeth popped through at one time *cry*

10/6/07 - I stood on my own for about 2 minutes in the middle of the floor

9/29/07 - I got my first flu shot. *pout*

9/18/07 - My two top front teeth popped through

8/22/07 - Ate 1/2 PB & J sandwich - so yummy

8/12/07 - Crawled all the way up stairs with mommy and daddy in tow

8/8/07 - Crawled three steps up stairs

8/5/07 - Went to his first ever QuakeCon and enjoyed it completely. Helped Mr. Kevin and Daddy play their computer games

7/15/07 - Pull himself to standing position on his stroller and pushed it, while walking, 5 feet

7/13/07 - I went into a pool for the first time. It was so FUN!

7/4/07 - First 4th of July. Slept through fireworks, but had a great time none the less

6/20/07 - stands unsupported against furniture, walls, etc.

6/8/07 - Pulls self to standing position; when being supported by mommy/daddy, tries to walk

6/7/07 - Cut first two teeth

5/25/07 - Drank water from a cup (regular, not sippy)

5/24/07 - 6 months check up - doing great - start 2nd foods and finger foods

5/20/07 - Began crawling

5/15/07 - Sits in high chair

5/8/07 - Began scrawling (scooting + crawling) all over floor

5/3/07 - Sat by himself

4/26/07 - Began eating vegetables (one new one every 3 days through fruits)

4/24/07 - Turned from tummy to back and back to tummy over and over again

4/23/07 - Sits in exercise saucer without blankets to hold him in place

4/20/07 - First plane ride, met Grandma, Aunts and Uncles, played with puppies

4/08/07 - First Easter

4/05/07 - Laughed

4/04/07 - Scoot 1.5 feet for toy

3/26/07 - Recognized an empty bottle on table and decided it was time to eat. Got furious when mommy said he had 30 min left, so mommy gave in and he ate cereal and 2 oz of formula then crashed for 1 hr. then finished bottle (4 more oz) and crashed all night.

3/25/07 - stands/sits in "stationary walker" toy. Makes seat turn, grabs for toys. Held in place w/2 blankets

3/16/07 - Eating 1.5 Tbsp of cereal from spoon at bedtime - sleeping 10 hrs over night

3/10/07 - Exercises leg muscles, stands up and sits down when held

3/8/07 - 1 Tbsp of cereal in formula at bed time

3/7/07 - eating 5-6oz at bed time

3/1/07 - scooting in circles during tummy time, trying to sit up like a big boy when being held

2/22/07 - 12 lbs

2/20/07 - Began teething - drooling all over

2/10/07 - Began "talking"

1/29/07 - 2 months check up

1/20/07 - Turned from tummy to back

1/17/07 - First Snow

1/8/07 - Began staying home with mommy only

1/2/07 - First stay home with mommy and siblings without daddy

1/1/07 - First New Year

12/25/06 - First Christmas

12/23/06 - First long car trip to Oklahoma

12/22/06 - Began cooing at daddy

12/14/06 - I heard Santa as he came down our street

12/11/06 - The umbilical cord stub came off

12/9/06 - graduated to newborn diapers, watch the Christmas tree get put up by Daddy, Brian & Alison

12/1/06 - I weigh 6lbs .5oz, drink 3oz of formula, started tummy time and turned onto my back

11/30/06 - I saw my first snow

11/24/06 - Went to doctor's office for check-up -- 5 lb 7 oz

11/23/06 - Mommy and I came home from the hospital today. This is my first Thanksgiving and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it. I sat in Mommy's lap while they ate lunch that Daddy made. I wanted some, but no one shared. Must have been good.

11/21/06 - I received my first shot *cries*. It was a Hep B one.

11/20/06 - I was delivered at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano, at 11:22 AM. I weighed 5 pounds, 15 ounces and was 18 inches long. Hello world!

11/10/06 - Dr. Flemming said I weigh about 5 pounds right now

10/23/06 - I've been trying to come out, so mommy is on bed rest now

10/15/06 - Dad and Mom decided my name is Cole Aaron

9/27/06 - Mom got to see me again, I played with my feet for her, and I'm really a boy

7/19/06 - Mom, Dad, brother and sister found out I am officially a boy

7/6/06 - 7/9/06 - Mom takes me with her to Summer CPL Championships

4/10/06 - Brian and Alison found out about me

4/2/06 - Mom and Dad found out about me




Last Updated: 23 Apr 10