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"Simply said and simply put, life is simply

simple, simply stuck in a simple rut".
by Keith Dugger


Kat continues to enjoy her career as a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations (In other words - MOM). It is trying at times, but the rewards are always worth it.

Kat is helping the children deal with new homework, new friends, new social issues - just to name a few things that occur. She is also working with Cole in "Mommy School".

The past couple of years have been difficult on Kat, and the family, since she found out the source of most of her bodily pain is caused by fibromyalgia. She is also experiencing osteoarthritis in many of her joints. It is not fun, and probably as daunting on the body as it is to pronounce or explain. A lot of the things she used to do to occupy her time (house work, yard work, walking, etc) seem to have to be done in spurts, if she can do them at all. Keith tends to get angry, because on the "good" days, when she doesn't hurt so bad and actually has energy, Kat will try to do EVERYTHING on her "list", then ends up paying for it.



Check back soon for updates and Email her with any comments or suggestions.


Last Updated: 23 Apr 10