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Alison Noel Dugger

What is transpiring in her life:


12/31/09 - Turned 11 years old. Where has the time gone?

12/18/09 - End of first school semester

8/23/09 - First day of 5th grade.

6/5/09 - End of 4th grade and elementary school - A/B honor roll!

12/31/08 - Alison turned 10

8/25/08 - Began 4th grade - Mrs. Chambers

6/5/08 - End of the school year - A/B honor roll!

12/31/07 - We spent my birthday together. It was so wonderful turning 9 years old!

10/1/07 - End of the first semester - all A's - excelling at all subjects

8/27/07 - Began third grade with Mrs. Chambers as her teacher

8/9/07 - Registered for third grade

8/5/07 - Went to QuakeCon, walked around, got a couple t-shirts and saw a computer that was built in the liking of Optimus Prime

7/15/07 - Lost an eye-tooth - received $1 from the tooth fairy

7/4/07 - Saw fireworks bought from a firework stand for first time

5/31/07 - Ended the school year on the A Honor Roll and is ready for 3rd grade

4/8/07 - Had a wonderful, although wet, Easter indoors

3/26/07 - Parent/teacher conference - more than ready for 3rd grade. Above par on all stats

3/19/07 - 3/23/07 - Spring Break - dentist check up - no cavities!!! Changed Cole's diapers

2/14/07 - Showed off her baby brother at her Valentine Party

1/19/07 - Lost her 8th tooth. Asked Daddy to pull it, and didn't cry.

12/31/06 - Turned 8 years old. Received a scarf/hat set, a gift of money, a teddy bear, and two precious moments items.

12/25/06 - Spent Christmas in Oklahoma. Bottle fed a baby goat.

12/14/06 - Saw Santa on a fire truck and chased him down our road

12/9/06 - Helped put up Christmas tree

11/23/06 - Spent Thanksgiving morning bringing Cole and Mommy home from the hospital, then ate a wonderful lunch prepared by Daddy.

11/20/06 - Became a big sister

11/9/06 - Went on a field trip with the 2nd graders to Old City Park

10/23/06 - Lost another tooth and received $1 from the tooth fairy

9/24/06 - Toured the maternity ward at the hospital for the sibling tour, preparing for her brother

8/16/06 - Began second grade

7/26/06 - Well Child checkup - Weight 25 percntile; Height 10 percentile

7/16/06 - Alison lost another tooth

7/6/06 - 7/9/06 - Alison helped Katie at Intel Summer Championships

6/1/06 - Alison began summer vacation

4/10/06 - Alison found out she is going to be a big sister

3/06 - Alison has straight A's in school

3/16/06 - Alison lost another tooth

2/15/06 - Alison attended Father/Daughter dance with her daddy

1/06 - Alison has straight A's in school

12/31/05 - Alison turned 7

12/13/05 - Alison performed in her first Christmas Pageant - A Teddy Bear Christmas.

12/4/05 - Alison and the first grade class performed at the Little Elm Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

9/10/05 - Alison lost another tooth while visiting the dentist office for fillings

8/27/05 - Alison mastered riding her 2 wheel bike.

8/26/05 - Alison began teaching herself how to ride her bike without training wheels.

8/22/05 - Alison began 1st grade and went to school with no tears. She sat down at her table and forgot Katie was there.

8/18/05 - Alison met her 1st grade teacher - Mrs. Vaughn. She was so excited about going to school.

8/9/05 - Alison lost her 4th tooth.

7/6/05 - 7/13/05 - Alison went with the family to California. There they visited with Alison's grandmother and family. Alison became quite attached to Ryan, her cousin. She also learned to swim with waterwings.

1/21/05 - 6/3/05 - Alison completed the rest of Kindergarten. She would have had perfect attendance had it not been for chicken pox :(. She received an award from her computer teacher saying she is a computer whiz (go figure). Katie cried at the award assembly, because she had no idea it was the "graduation" from Kindergarten.

1/20/05 - Alison received a Perfect Attendance award at Hackberry for the 2nd nine weeks of school. Earlier in the month, she received a certificate for showing the Caring characteristic trait from the school counselor.

12/31/04 - Alison received the following for her 6th Birthday:

  • Hello Kitty dollhouse
  • Yu-Gi-Cards
  • Bratz Sticker Cards
  • Birthday Barbie with Tierra
  • Princess Tierra, wand & sash
  • Baking stained glass kits
  • $1.00 from a neighbor
  • Hans Christian Anderson Movies
  • More $$
  • Charm bracelet
  • Savings Bond

12/29/04 - Alison lost her first tooth and received $2.00 from the tooth fairy Alison without tooth

10/27/04 - Alison received the Perfect Attendance award and a Silver Spur award for showing the characteristic traits of respect and responsibility during the first nine weeks of school

8/19/04 - Alison started Kindergarten - Mrs. Hammett as her teacher

6/3/04 - Alison graduated from Pre-K at Animal Quackers

12/31/03 - Alison turned 5 and thought she was going to Kindergarten 1/1/04




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