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Jan 87

My heart goes out to you.
It feels like it has for years.
In actuality,
It has.

We were together then,
And I feel we never really separated.
My feelings for you never died.
I don't think your for me died.

At the beginning of our new beginning,
I think we,
or I,
Realized the feelings grew.

I needed and watned to be with you
I need and want to be with you
The time together doesn't matter too much;
I know you're there when I need your

We don't have to spend all our time,
As was said in a song:

"Everbody needs a little time away."
That time "away" helps,
Not hinders,
A relationship.
I'll still love you,
When you are here,
And when you are not.

Just knowing we are together,
Is a stong enough bond for me.
Don't feel guilty for not being here;

That lets me know,
You don't have to be with me
Every second,
Talk with me all hours,
To be secure.
Just don't avoid me.
I guess what it boils down to is,

I loved you then, I always have
I probably always will.