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Surprise Mom and Kelly - April 20-22, 2007

So, Bob emails Kathleen and Keith about a surprise party for Kathleen's Mom on 21 Apr 07. So, immediately after receiving the email, Kathleen booked a flight to California for 20-22 Apr for her and Cole (who sat in her lap). Then, emailed the itenerary to Bob.

Initially, no one but Bob and Kelly were to know about the trip. But Bob spilled the beans to Jeremy (he had to clean the spare room), but that was okay. The surprises Friday and Saturday gave the word "surprise" a new meaning.

Instead of waiting until Saturday for Kathleen's mom and sisters to see Kathleen and Cole, a plan was devised. The following is how the day transpired after arriving into Newman:

Bob: Hey Mom, I'm on my way home from work, I need you to help me with something on the computer. Can you come over in 10 minutes?
Mom: What about Kelly?
Bob: She's still at work.
They arrive at the house, Kathleen changes Cole into new clothes (he spit up in the other ones) and also the diaper. Kelly picks up Cole just as Mom walks into the house.
Mom: Is she here? How are we going to do this?
Bob: She was here when I got home. It's okay, we can do it later.
Kelly walks down the hall. Kelly: Bob, is that you? Mom, what are you doing here?
Mom: What a cute baby.
Kelly: Thank you, I'm babysitting.
Mom: Babysitting, who's baby?
Kelly: This is my nephew.
Mom (completely confused): Your nephew? Who's baby?
Kelly: Kathleen's At this time, Kathleen has walked down the hall and is patiently waiting.
Bob: UPS delivered him this morning.
Mom: This is Cole? *crying begins* Oh my goodness. How did he get here?
((Guess she didn't hear the UPS man delivered))
Kathleen is given the wave by Kelly and she walks into the living room. Mom takes one look and goes from her 5' 5" to about 3' tall. (she crouched) Bob picked Cole from her and the water works really came to life.

That was how they surprised Kathleen's mom. The others were still as comical. Those accounts will come on another page.

Kathleen took as many pictures as she could, however being mommy took priority over being cameraman.



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