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Here's what has transped in 2010:

January - The New Year was wonderful. The little family celebrated at home. Everyone made it to midnight. Kathleen complained about watching the ball drop an hour early because it was a live telecast. She wanted it like it was when she was young, pre-recorded so it dropped at the "right" time.

February - The little family went to a friend's house for the Super Bowl. It was great because it had been quite some time since everyone got together. The children enjoyed playing with their friends, and the adults just enjoyed chatting and watching the Alison has found out she has "abdominal migraines." She started some medication and goes back in a few months.

March - March was rather interesting. It snowed on the first day of Spring. Then, the weather warmed up and the family car died....again. This time it was the radiator. What a mess. This year, Brian managed to get through Spring Break without a visit to the emergency room or have any injuries! Easter was wonderful as well. Alison, Brian and Kathleen "hid" eggs for Cole outside and Kathleen made a treasure hunt for Brian and Alison to find their baskets. The Easter Bunny even brought a basket for Keith. Brian's school band performed in UIL and placed 2nd and 3rd in their categories. We are so proud of him and the band.

April - Has been well. Kathleen is glad the car is surviving. This is also the month for all the state mandated testing. It has Brian and Alison stressed, but they seem to do rather well. Alison was also tested for Band for her 6th grade year, and will be playing the trumpet. Guess she really is a daddy's girl. Brian will still be playing the sax next year and should be performing a solo for an award soon.

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