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Here's what has transped in 2008:

January - The New Year was wonderful. The rest of the children's Winter Break was spent having fun and playing with their Christmas gifts and friends outside. Unfortunately, shortly after going back to school, the entire family ended up sick. Time to slowly recover and get through the rest of the month.

February - Valentine's day was a blast. Cole and Kathleen went to the school parties.

March - Spring break, what can be said for it? Well, a surprise visit to California for part of the break and for Easter. Oh, and again, it is more than likely being boycotted next school year, as Brian decided since it was warm outside, he could go swimming. He didn't test the water, but jumped in and...well, forgot how to wade, float, swim, etc because the water was very cold. Everyone is standing around the pool, Kathleen was weed eating. The only thing she thought was "take off your shoes, you get weighed down." and dove into the pool, rescuing Brian. There are pictures from the family reunion and vacation on the pictures page.

April - We had a pretty even month. Just really enjoying Spring and our friends.

May - Kathleen's birthday went off without a hitch. The family just spent time together for her birthday and Mother's day. The end of the month found Kathleen remembering her father, as it would have been his birthday.

June - Keith's birthday was fun. The children and Kathleen decided to not surprise him at work this year. Things were a little stressed there, for various reasons. Father's day and KnK's 15th anniversary were wonderful. School ended, and now the fun begins.

July - The little family went to Oklahoma and spent the 4th with Keith's brother and his family, and Keith's Aunt Cleo. The children had a blast playing on the farm and setting off fire works. Even little Cole enjoyed them.

August - What a big month! Keith finished his Bachelor's degree, the 2nd wedding anniversary for KnK, Brian's 11th birthday and school starting. Brian's birthday was spent with his dad during the day and the family at night. He wanted Red Lobster, so that is where they went. Amazingly enough, a cucumber decided to take hold of Brian's Eye Tooth and....well, it will come out in the end and no one is going after it to leave a dollar. Brian and Alison also found out the Kathleen is the tooth fairy. Brian was all cool with it, but Alison was devestated. She felt angry, betrayed because she defended the tooth fairy to her friends when they said it was just her parents. The first day of school was exceptionally well. Alison walked herself in, the first time since Kindergarten, and Brian did the same. Guess they are growing. Cole was a little upset when Alison left the car and confused when Brian left, but he did very well. Of course, he woke up from his slumber a lot earlier than normal, so nap time was shortly after Cole and Kathleen saw Keith off to work.

September - September brought the first month of school, and everyone working on their new routines. Alison joined Choir, Brian is in band and playing the sax. Alison also chooses to walk across the street to school (there are crossing guards) sometimes. Which is a feat in its own right, because it wasn't too long ago that she would beg to be walked into school, and cling on for dear life.

October - We had a fun month. Grades came out. Alison is A/B and Brian has room for improvement. But, that didn't stop the Halloween fun. Pictures will be posted. The children, Kathleen and Keith (who was actually home on time for the festivities this year) walked a few blocks and all three children ended up with a ton of candy. There were not as many children out this year, so it seemed as if participating houses gave out more candy than normal. Brian was a ninja, Alison was a character from High School Musical 3, and Cole was a spider web.

November - Weeeeeee....the year has moved along quite nicely. Another grading period came to an end. The children did the same as before. A lot of the month was helping with homework, playing with Cole, preparing for the big 2nd birthday for Mr. Cole. Veteran's Day was a day for remembering and thanking soldiers. Kathleen signed a poster, on behalf of the family, the JROTC was creating for the soldiers who could not come home for the holidays. Cole's 2nd birthday was fun. Kathleen spent a lot of time creating the cake, which was themed after a show Cole watches on Discover Kids, called Peep. Then, right after that event, came Thanksgiving preparation. In true Keith fashion, menu decisions came down to the last minute, and the feast was amazing. Keith and Kathleen worked all morning in the kitchen with their sous chef, Alison. Brian and Cole played, which was a hard job and they did it perfectly.

December - December was a fun month. The children had their winter break (Can't call it Christmas break anymore), and the family went to Oklahoma for Christmas. Due to the holiday being in the middle of the week, they had to return home on Christmas Day so Keith could go to work the next day. The children had a blast and Santa was very good to them, as were their Uncles, Aunts and cousins. It was really fun, the family played a version of White Elephant, and other games. It was a blast! Alison had a great birthday. Katthleen made her cake and gifts were plentiful.

Updated: 21 Jan 09