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Our 2003 Holiday Season

Here's what we are doing in 2003:

We had a wonderful New Year. Alison ate her Barbie Rapunzel cake that Katie made for her. She was just so excited that the celebration of her birthday lasted just about 2 days.

Easter was so exciting. The creation of the Easter baskets was done in the back of the van - while the children were supposed to be inside sleeping. Katie initially planned to help the bunny fill eggs and hide them around 10:00 PM on Saturday, but when she went into the house to take care of the task, both children were still awake. Not excited one bit, really :). So, Katie helped the Easter Bunny fill the eggs in the van around 0400 Easter morning and they decorated not only the Dugger's yard but other neighbors' yards. Brian was the first to awake and saw the baskets, but didn't touch. He and Katie woke Alison and the fun began. The were so surprised when they looked at the front yard and it was filled with pastel colored eggs - and the eggs they had decorated the night before. Pictures will be posted soon, but all in all, it was a beautiful day.

May came in with a bang. Katie turned 32. Boy, that can be hard to digest, you think?A neighbor watched the children and Keith took Katie to a movie and to a Japanese restaurant where she had Yakisoba for the first time in 11 years. It was absolutely wonderful. Mother's Day was filled with fun, also. The four of them worked in the yard, planting flower seeds. It was such a beautiful day.Memorial Day was spent remembering those who had served to protect our country and thanking those who are currently serving or who are still alive and preserved the life we hold most dear.

June Brian graduated Kindergarten on the 4th and his last day of school was the 6th. That was a very difficult thing for Katie. She cried many times over. Keith didn't admit to it being difficult, but his pride for Brian shone brighter than the sun ever has. Brian received a class award for being the most responsible. He missed only 1 day of school the entire year, was only NOT on green for 6 days of the year and ended at a reading level of 24 (the goal was for reading level 3). The rest of June will be published as it happens.

July - Well, July 4th was spent with neighbors at a fireworks display in The Colony, a city about 3 miles away. After the show, everyone came back to the "Hickory Court Hood" and played with sparklers and a few other fireworks until the local law enforcement advised us we had to stop, it was against a city ordinance. Also, in July - Katie was finally able to land a job, right around the corner from the house. It was a blessing in disguise. It is a job with the Town of Little Elm, in the Utility Billing Department. She has a blast interacting with the public, no matter how nasty they can be at times.

August - What can we say about August? Well, Keith and Katie celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. It was absolutely wonderful. That was also the day Brian began 1st grade at a new school called Hackberry Elementary. His teacher is Mrs. Harris. He is doing well there. Brian also turned 6, so the Dugger family and friends from the "hood" went to Chuck E Cheese and had a blast. Not too sure who had more fun, the kids or Katie.

September - Labor Day. We pretty much spent it at home, relaxing and trying to catch up on needed housework. Amazing what a new job can do to a person who has been out of one for a year! Keith and Katie also discussed 9-11 with the children, as the news aired the events again. The children ask more questions now that they are older. At work, the police and fire departments had a memorial on display, flags were at half mast, and it rained. To Katie, the rain was God's way of showing how hurt he was for the tragic event.

October - Wow! Halloween! That was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! The children had a blast. Alison was a Barbie 50's Sock Hop girl, Brian was some sort of man in an iron mask and Katie was a vampire. Keith decided to dress as himself. Katie and the kids walked with other neighbors around the neighborhood, and also visited the fire department and a friend in a new development. The candy wasn't as plentiful this year, being Halloween was on a Friday, but everyone had so much fun.

November - The Duggers celebrated Veteran's day, with Keith and Katie talked to Brian and Alison about soldiers, what they are fighting for, how they protect our country and remind them of all the things they are able to do that kids in other countries cannot. They also discussed the flag and what it represents. At Katie's work, the local VOW chapter sponsored a flag ceremony in front of city hall. It was absolutely wonderful, and rumor has it Katie shed a tear or two. That sap! Also, Chris, Katie's nephew, visited that following weekend. It was wonderful. The kids could not get enough of him. Thanksgiving! What a wonderful and special day that was. The Dugger Family enjoyed time with Chris and Eric (Chris' friend from Tech School). They were happy to have a home cooked meal. The menu was turkey (which the recipe came from FoodTV), stuffing (Keith's Mom's recipe), corn, down-home greenbeans, mashed potatoes, gravy, and rolls (regular & crescent). Dessert was a medley of cheesecake, lemon merange pie & chocolate cake. The Duggers let the store handle making them ;). Everyone had a nice time and ate well. The next morning Katie treated the boys (and family) to a home cooked breakfast of biscuits & gravy, eggs & ham steak.

December - Well, December has proven to be fast moving month. Keith swears that the days are the same length as they have always been, but for some reason, Christmas has snuck up on Katie. So, first and foremost - we would like to wish everyone Happy Birthday for the year and we apologize for not saying so earlier. Second, we would like to let you know how our Christmas was. Well, Katie was able to get out of work at 2:00 PM on Christmas Eve and drive home so she and Keith could complete Christmas shopping. It was kind of difficult to rush around the store to get things so they could make it to daycare in time to pick up the children by 4:00 PM, but they did it with 5 minutes to spare (Keith called Katie "Dale-ette Earnhart"). Then, the Dugger family proceded to the store to buy Christmas dinner makings. Brian crashed out (on the livingroom floor no less) not too long after arriving home, so Katie & Alison put out a cookie, some cheese (because you know, Santa always brings lots of toys when you leave him cheese - at least according to the commercial) and a grape soda. That is Santa's favorite snack, too. Then, Alison was tucked in bed and Momma Claus wrapped the gifts. Keith carried Brian upstairs to his room then Santa put everything out for the next morning. Santa even left watches on the tree for Brian and Alison. As Santa walked out of the fireplace, he left some magic powder on the floor! Then, he took some reindeer food to the crew on the roof, and dropped some on the way out! In the morning, the Alison woke up and crawled in bed with Keith and Katie around 0630. Then Brian woke up 20 minutes later asking to watch cartoons. Katie got outof bed and sat on the recliner, then Brian noticed the stockings on the floor! So, as he was going to wake Alison, she stolls out of mom and dad's bedroom. The children then woke Keith and presents were opened. Keith played "santa" and handed out gifts. After they were all passed out, they were opened, and boy did the kids have a blast! Santa, Keith & Katie, Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Richard, Aunt Linda, Kyle & Ty really did an awesome job at figuring out what the children wanted. (and Katie was worried there wouldn't be enough! - silly girl). The Duggers then had breakfast. A special breakfast of biscuits and gravy (YUMMY - gotta love being Southern!!! -- They are all naturals at being Southerners!) made by Keith. After playing for a while, Katie decided it was nap time and Keith made the "feast". The "feast" (which was somewhere between lunch and dinner) consisted of Turkey breast, Ham, Mashed potatoes, gravy, shrimp cocktail, olives, cranberry sauce, and other snacks. It was the most delicious dinner. Keith really out-did himself. Alison couldn't stop saying, "Daddy, your rock!". Katie and the kids cleaned the kitched, while Keith ate a little dessert. He then went and took a nap while the children played and mommy walked the dogs. What a beautiful Christmas! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Pictures will be posted soon!

Present List for the entire family - Clothes, Crayon maker, SpongeBob and Barbie play tents, Crayola Trace Desk, watches, books, learning cards, KitchenAid stand mixer, candles, ornaments, stained glass, legos, care bears, transformer mini-cons, remote control car, stunt helicopter, Barbies, Barbie Swan Lake the movie, and many other goodies. Keith, Katie, Brian & Alison thank everyone for the wonderful gifts, cards and thoughts.

Stay tuned for Alison's birthday and any other stuff this little family can accomplish.

May everyone be safe & blessed.