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Our 2002 Holiday Season

The Dugger Family's Holidays go throughout the year.

Here's what we are did in 2002:

We had a wonderful New Year. We spent the day of New Year's Eve together celebrating Alison’s 3rd birthday. Keith and Katie had some Champaign to celebrate the festivities after the children went to bed.  It was a quite evening.

On January 6th, Alison had her birthday party!  She was completely thrilled about it.  You can see pictures on the children’s site.

Easter was wonderful.  Katie “slept in” and helped the Easter Bunny fill the eggs.  Then, the children went to clean their rooms and again, assisting the Easter Bunny, Katie hid the eggs (in the house – it was too soggy to hide them in the yard).  They had a wonderful time.  37 eggs in all and Katie had to find the last one (the map was eaten by the invisible dog).  Later, they went to a local Easter Egg hunt supported by the City of Little Elm and presented by a local church.  It was great!!!  Brian won a door prize after saying, “I never win anything!”  But, he gave it to Alison because it looks like a girl bunny.  Now, Brian and Keith are going to have to replace it with something.  (click for Easter pictures.)

April arrived and it was time for spring fun and time to plan what the year will hold (or try to).  The Dugger family went to Oklahoma for a Family Reunion of sorts.  Keith’s brothers and sisters were in the same place for the first time in years.  Pictures will be posted soon.  It was a wonderful surprise for everyone involved. 

May came in with a bang.  Katie turned – 19 yeah that’s the ticket J.  There were movies and dinner to be had that day and of course, birthday singing at the restaurant.  It was fun.  Memorial Day was spent remembering those who had served to protect our country and thanking those who are currently serving or who are still alive and preserved the life we hold most dear.

June – Keith’s birthday and Father’s day all wrapped up in one.  Brian, Alison & Katie took him to breakfast and they had a relaxing day.  On the 29th, it was a small celebration for the 1st of two 9th anniversaries.  It was wonderful.

July – we celebrated our Independence at home for Independence Day.  Alison was not too sure about the fire works display and the power went out until the end of the different cities’ shows.  So, the Dugger family spent time in the game room watching the spectacular sights.

August came into view --- Katie was laid off of work and started her new job search. Her final day at work was better than she thought.  She was very relieved when all was said and done. The job search ended up being a more difficult process than she wanted. The job market is terrible and it is taking a lot for Katie to NOT be distracted.

Keith & Katie celebrated their 9th Anniversary as husband and wife! Then, Brian turned 5 and started school 7 days later.   Unfortunately, the anniversary and Brian’s birthday were spent with Keith being ill L.  Never fear, doctor Katie is near.  Katie tended to him night and day.  The children were a big help, giving him his medication and being extremely good at home.  The fewest amount of spats Keith and Katie have witnessed in weeks!

Labor Day and Veteran's Day were great because all 4 family members were together. It was a nice break for Brian at school.

Halloween was SUPER! Kathleen was able to attend the daycare Halloween parade - where Alison was a bag of jelly beans. She had a lot of fun helping get the children in their costumes there and did a great job at keeping order for the teachers. Later in the evening, Keith had to work a little late so Katie let Brian and Alison trick or treat at neighboring houses by themselves, while she handed out candy. Keith came home in time for Katie and the children to join a neighbor for the stroll down the road. Alison was a cheerleader and Brian a ninja. Katie was a witch and Keith passed out candy while wearing Katie's witch hat.

Thanksgiving was excellent. Keith and Katie had Thanksgiving at their house. The first one in their new home. Alison helped Katie decorate the tables, because they had collected some acorns just for the occasion. Rich, Linda, Kyle and Ty came over and everyone had a wonderful time. Keith and Rich fried the turkey, the children played and Linda and Katie chatted. Everyone also wrote on a "leaf" (construction paper) what they were most thankful for on that day.

Christmas - Santa visited Rich and Linda's house on Christmas and the children thought it was the best thing in the world. He had presents for all the children. Katie was the group photographer, which she really enjoyed. The Dugger Christmas was beautiful, although Katie doesn't remember much of it - she was sick with pneumonia. The children received many presents and were so appreciative of them all. At the beginning of December, all 4 Duggers decorated the sitting room and the tree. The children were beside them selves with excitement.

Also in December, Alison turned 4. What a time for her. Katie baked her a cake and drew - with icing - a Barbie Rapunzel. Alison would have kept the cake if her desire to eat it wasn't greater. She and the family spent the night with friends, celebrating her birthday and New Year's Eve.

Well, that was 2002 - stay tuned for the events of 2003!

May everyone be safe & blessed.