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Our 2001 Holiday Season

The Dugger Family's Holidays go throughout the year.

Here's what we did in 2001:

We had a wonderful New Year. We spent the day of New Year's Eve with the Perry Family (Rich, Linda, Kyle & Ty) celebrating Alison's 2nd birthday. That night, the children fell asleep, while Keith & Kathleen stayed up watching the various channels for "the moment" - then they promptly fell asleep. Of course, they were to go to a friend's house later, but due to snow and icy conditions, they remained home

On Easter at the Apartment, Kathleen hid plastic treat filled eggs outside in the breezeway and also in the grass. Keith helped Alison with her egg gathering while Kathleen assisted Brian. It was a wonderful day. After that, they went to IHOP for breakfast.

We moved into the house just in time to celebrate Independence Day. We went with friends to see the movie "Cats and Dogs" with the children. Went out to dinner and ended up going home rather than going to a park to watch fireworks. Alison wasn't feeling well. The children did get to see fireworks anyway because the town of The Colony (about 6 miles away) had them and they saw the display from the house. Unfortunately, the fireworks were banned from Little Elm.

Halloween was so much fun. Kathleen celebrated at work, which turned out to be really fun. She and the rest of her department decorated & dressed in traditional Halloween manner. Kathleen's work area was converted into a witch's cave in the shape of a black hat and everyone was a witch or a prisoner. After work, she drove to daycare, picked up the children, drove home and dressed the children in their costumes. She put candy and toys in a HUGE bowl, and tried to decorate the door a little (that didn't work). Keith walked in with dinner, put it on the table and started handing out candy/treats while Kathleen took Brian & Alison trick or treating. They made out like bandits. Their little cauldrons were full for only hitting 8 houses.

Thanksgiving was spent with the Perry Family in Rowlett. The children were beside themselves. The 4 really get along well, and when it is time to leave, Brian and Alison always cry because they cannot get enough of each other. Richard & Keith deep-fried 3 turkeys in about 2 hours. They were awesome. Richard injected his 2 with bar-b-q and garlic herb. Keith just seasoned the turkey he & Kathleen brought. After eating the wonderful meal (turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, rolls, etc.) Alison, Keith, Kathleen & Richard all fell asleep. Of course they ate all day, because of the snacks Keith & Kathleen brought. Everyone woke up and had dessert (cheesecake & Pie). Unfortunately, Kathleen had to work on the following Friday, so the day was cut short.

We drove to Oklahoma City for a pre-Christmas celebration with Keith's Aunt and sister & family. We left early the Saturday before Christmas and enjoyed spent with family. The kids really enjoyed it; they love their Aunt Cleo so much. We came back home Sunday afternoon to prepare for our own Christmas fun.

Katie had to work Christmas Eve. Keith and Katie spent some late hours that night getting Brian and Alison's presents ready.

We actually had to pry the kids out of bed on Christmas morning. They were really excited when they realized that "Santa" had eaten part of the cookie they had left out for him. They enjoyed opening their presents from everyone. It was nice spending time together and enjoying a Christmas lunch.

New Year's celebration is up in the air. We'll probably spend it at home reflecting on a year that has quickly passed by.

Everyone have a safe and joyous Holiday Season -- more to come.