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great site... very .. 21 century!!
-- dewey <hokusai11@hotmail.com>
Cute Kids, Chips off the Blocks!
-- Mark Maughan <mmaughan@northropgrumman.com>

Hey----glad to be in touch with you again. Put some photos up so I can see how you've "changed". I bet ya'll still look the same!! Hopefully I do (maybe a few pounds heavier) Take Care
-- Dick Dalton <jerkied@aol.com>
Hey Keith, This site is looking really good. I really like the Star Trek animation. I could use some of the recipes. Sherrie
-- Sherrie <sherriewiles@aol.com>
I really enjoyed going through everyones (I don't know what to call them) Links. The kids look great in the pictures. I like how they scroll on their own. I will have to sit down when I have time and read through everything. Good job Guys
-- Kelly Quejado <bobnkelly88@yahoo.com>