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Christmas 2006 Pictures

Please enjoy the pictures we took. Use your browser's back button to return to this page after clicking on the link.

This first set of pictures is of Keith, Brian and Alison setting up our beautiful Christmas tree. It is in great shape for being 9 years old. The children decorated it, except for putting the lights around the tree, that was accomplished by Keith and Katie. Cole was supervising from Katie's arms or the bouncy seat. December 12, 2006


This next set of pictures were taken to show what our front yard looks like after it was decorated by Keith (lights) and Alison (candy canes and yard signs).


On 14 Dec, Santa visited Little Elm. The LE Fire Department was kind enough to drive him around the neighborhoods. Santa tossed candy canes to all the children waiting by the road. As he traveled down our street, the children chased him. It was a wonderful sight.


The following pictures were taken between 22-25 Dec 06, either at the Dugger's house in Texas or the other Dugger house in Oklahoma.


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Last Updated: February 27, 2007